Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered!

Our buckets come with a sealable lid so they’re more secure and odor-free than most trash cans. You can keep your bucket under the sink and even with the lid loosely fitted your nose typically won’t know it’s there.

If your bucket is damaged or lost, call 913-353-5822 or email us at and we’ll deliver a new bucket on your next pickup day.

We weigh the contents of your little green bucket at every pick-up. Each quarter, you get a report on how much you have diverted from landfills and how much CO2 emissions you have potentially reduced.

Absolutely. Members can receive up to 25 pounds of compost per quarter. Email or call to enter your request, and we will deliver (no charge) the compost when we pickup your bucket.

During key growing seasons we ask that you submit your request well in advance, otherwise you may have to wait for more to be produced – we strive to donate compost to area community gardens as often as possible.

If you have dry items like pizza boxes or egg cartons you can set those on top of or next to your bucket and we’ll pick them up – no need to try to fit them in the bucket.

Other dry food items (like corn husks) can be placed in a bag (preferably paper so it can be composted) and placed next to the bucket. 

If you notice that you’re consistently overflowing your bucket, there are several options available:

Upgrade to a 5 gallon bucket (no additional charge)

Add a second bucket (one-time $5 additional bucket fee)

Increase your pickups to weekly

Larger, 5-gallon buckets are available at the same rate as 3-gallon buckets. Attractive outdoor carts for apartment complexes and businesses are also available.

Contact us via email, phone, or text if you’d like to change your bucket size.

Residential members have a set weekday during which we collect food waste curbside between 8a-5:30p. Once signed up, we will email you to confirm your service schedule, which will also be reflected on your online account page.

Business and organization members will have a schedule tailored to their specific needs.

You can place your bucket wherever is most convenient for you as long as we can see it from the street when we come by. That may be by the curb, on your porch, or by your garage door.

If you live in an apartment you can place it by your door.

If you have a preference on where we place your new bucket, just let us know!

Our goal is to compost anything that came from living matter. Veggies, fruits, coffee grounds, meats and fish, dairy, newspapers, paper egg cartons and shells are great to put in your little green bucket. For a detailed list, click here. If you have any questions, feel free to text or email us, or check out our “Will it compost?” posts on Facebook.

If you sign up for the additional glass collection we take all your glass to Ripple Bin for recycling. There are certain kinds of glass (like light bulbs) that they can’t accept. For additional detail, go to their What Can I Recycle page.

We have a small farm in western Johnson County and all the compostable materials we collect go there to be turned into compost for members, and community and school gardens.

I still have more questions!


Shoot us an email at or call (913) 353-5822