Our Services

Waste less and help serve area community gardens and urban farms. With our service, you receive an FDA food-grade bucket  that fits under your kitchen sink to fill up with compostable organic material. Throughout the week, add rotten fruit, scraps of veggies from cooking, old bread and egg shells, etc. Once a week we’ll come by, collect your food waste, and give you a new, clean bucket. 



Reducing our impact on the environment by diverting waste that would otherwise be in a landfill.

Good for the planet

Your food waste is converted to clean, rich compost in a process that produces about half as much CO2 equivalent byproduct as it would in a landfill.

Good for the community

Compost produced goes to local community gardens, urban farms, and Food Cycle KC customers by request.

A typical household

50 lbs
potential waste diverted / yr
0 %
less Co2 equivalent produced
51 %
friend of the earth


Regular pickup for houses and apartments.

Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Even small eateries can divert as much as 15 tons of food waste per year while saving money on waste collection.


Whether adding a compost bin to the break room, or starting a waste diversion program in your cafe, Food Cycle KC can get you started.

Schools and Daycares

Children of all ages understand respecting the Earth and can play a leading role in reducing waste. We work with schools, daycares, and churches on education and food waste diversion programs.

As convenient as can be