Discontinuing Residential Curbside Composting

Message to our members:

When we started Food Cycle KC in 2019, our goal was to help the community understand the importance of composting food waste and offer an easy way for people to do that. In the last several years, a robust community of composting organizations has grown in the Kansas City area. With that infrastructure in place, we believe we can better serve our community by pivoting our focus to education and supporting other aspects of the food cycle.

So, after deep thought and consideration we are discontinuing Food Cycle KC’s compost collection operations.

It’s been an amazing 4 years and we appreciate the wonderful support we’ve received from our members, staff and the community. You’ve helped us divert over xxx tons of food waste in the last 4 years, and saved…..

We hope that composting has become an important habit for you and your family that you’ll be able to maintain going forward. To help, we’re coordinating with Compost Collective KC to make it as easy as possible to switch to their curbside composting service. They also have biweekly and weekly options, and all the food waste they collect goes directly to Urbavore farm so you can continue helping support local agriculture. 

Sign up for service on their website and use coupon code: FCKC to receive your first month of service totally free (this will also waive the initial bin fee). Make sure to sign up at least a week before the end of your Food Cycle KC subscription, and we’ll coordinate getting your Food Cycle KC bin switched out for your new Compost Collective KC bin, so there’s no pause in your service.

We’ll provide service through the end of your next subscription month, and have sent you an individual email with subject: Food Cycle KC – Important Changes to your curbside composting service that includes your specific timeline. If you prefer to end your service earlier than that, please let us know.

We’ve loved working with you and hope that you continue supporting your community and local agriculture in whatever way you choose.


I’ve contacted Compost Collective KC (CCKC) to sign up, and they’ve given me a start date, but it’s before the last pickup date that Food Cycle KC gave me. What happens now?

Let Food Cycle KC know what your start date will be and we can set your last pickup date to align with that. We’ll refund any extra portion of your Food Cycle KC subscription that you don’t use.

What size buckets does CCKC offer?

They have 4 gallon buckets.

Does CCKC offer glass collection?

They do not offer glass collection. You can utilize one of the local glass recycling companies such as Crush Glass, Atlas Glass, or one of the many free drop off locations that Ripple Glass offers.

Does CCKC give back compost?

Yes! They have a spring and fall giveback program for all curbside and bucket swap customers. Click here for additional information.