Member Spotlight: Ana

Picture this: it’s early June, the weather is warm but not yet hot, and you’ve just been invited to attend a graduation party in a friend’s backyard. You enter a fenced yard with several tables handsomely decorated for an afternoon of food, stories and laughter. When you’ve finished your meal, you carry your paper plate to look for the host’s refuse bin, expecting perhaps also a bag for recycleables, but instead also finding an option you haven’t seen at a party before… a bag labeled “compost”.

That party was attended by 80 people, including many young adults. Had they thought about where the paper plates and uneaten leftovers go after a great lawn party? Well, they have now, thanks to an enthusiastic and longtime member, Ana Rogler.

It was an open house so we had people coming and going. We had a taco truck and all paper plates, chips in paper bags and bagasse cups for salsa. Drinks were in glass or aluminumI get great satisfaction from having a party for 80 people and having a very small trash can. All the rest is compost or recycling!


Ana, we humbly thank you for sharing your creativity with us and our members, as well as helping so many people to see that sustainability can be as easy as picking into which container used paper plates go. You are wonderful!

Slowly but surely I’m training my friends and family and have compost at every party. It’s amazing how little trash you can produce if you plan ahead!  


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  1. You are an awesome steward for the Earth!
    Your ways will slowly infect humanity with sensible practices that inevitably will save our planet.

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